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Amplifier Repairs


Galaxy Repairs and Spares London ‘s premier service and repair centre Since 1984 for  newly manufactured or vintage amplifiers we perform any modifications if needed.We not only repair vintage classics ,Analog or Digital guitar amplifiers, power amplifiers, Hi-Fi and valve or tube/solid state transistors amplifiers. we grow up listening and fixing . It is our passion and it shows in our work. We keep the focus on high quality workmanship with a quick turnaround, and our customer service keeps our clients happy.
Finding a problem with your Amplifier?
We are here for your help and support  we do  repair at components level  most of the time we don’t need to buy expensive parts  from  manufacturer s. We keep a great selection of parts on hand to minimize repair turnaround time. We are professionals in handling all sorts of amplifier repairs and their problems so that everything gets back on the track. Come to us and we will check the fault and fix everything for you. We are proud that our team has years of experience fixing amplifiers . Not only this, consider us for all major makes such as- Arcam,Audia,Altec, Akai, B&O, Bose, Cary,Crest Audio, Crown,Cyrus, Denon,Eden,Fender, JVC,Laney,Lab.gruppen’s,Linn,Luxman, Mactone,Marantz, Marshall,Mcintosh,Meridian,Messa Boogie, Nad, Naim, Nakamichi,Peavey, Pioneer,QSC, Quad, Randall,Rega, Revox, Rotel, Sansui,Shanling , Sanyo, SWR,TEAC, Technics ,Yamaha,Warwick and many more ……
Thus, whatever your repair needs, just get in touch.   Call us 0207 5801785 ,fill out our contact form  or visit us our Central London workshop to outline the problem you are having with your amplifiers and we will immediately give you a rough Free Estimate   We are 24/7 active,  We do repair all Makes and Models so please give us a ring or visit our workshop in Central London.